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Global Sim / International Sim / World Sim



Global SIM, a revolutionary global mobile phone service, lets you go around 160 countries across the globe with a single mobile number and still allows you to enjoy the benefits of local rates in most countries. So, you pay only what a local person would, to make a call to India, or anywhere else.

What’s better, Global SIM offers you free incoming calls certain countries, discounted rates for calling home, Country Specific Packs to make your International Telephony cheaper and simpler and much more.

All of which means, you save on the exorbitant international roaming charges, or the trouble of carrying country- specific SIMs and juggling with multiple local numbers. Go ahead, get a Global SIM before you leave on a tour abroad. It’s the one number that’s globally local.



Upto 75% - 90% Savings compared to Roaming

— Flexi- Recharge options

¡ Online

¡ IVR based Payment

— Crystal clear Voice Quality. – Premium GSM Connections

— No Hidden Charges and Buy it in Rupees.

— Prepaid card with Life time validity of balance

— Pay only for use.

— No cumbersome Documentation

— No Monthly Rentals.

— Single SIM Card that works in Multiple Countries

— No Rentals

— No hassle of carrying Multiple Cards, Changing SIM Cards

— Tourists can also avail of Limited Card and use same card in Multiple Countries of Visit

— Packs to maximize the value of Free Incoming Talk Time

— Various Recharge Options

— SMS /E Mail based Alert on Low Balances

— Premium GSM Connections – Crystal Clear Quality

— Online, Real Time Call Data Records – Transparent Charges, No Over billing.

— Toll Free Help Desk for Assistance while customer is traveling

— Access to Personal Account on the Online Portal

— Account has details like :

— Top Up History

— History of all Call Data Records

— Option to Export the same to MS Excel and convert to a Bill Statement

— Online Recharge of Talk Time.

— Instant Updating of Talk Time

— Real Time Billing – No delayed usage bills

— SMS based alerts on Balances and Activations

— Toll Free Short Code access to Help Desk from any International Location

— GPRS facility on the SIM Card



Unlimited Free Incoming

Limited Free Incoming


UK, Western Europe  ( 27 EU countries), Turkey, Norway, Croatia


UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Israel, South Korea, Qatar, Lebanon

China, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore


Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt



South Americas

Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile

North Americas

USA (on New SIM, being Launched Shortly)


Products that we will be launching shortly

— Dual Number SIM Card

¡ SIM Card will have UK Number and US Number

¡ Subscriber can be reached both on US and UK Number

¡ Hence while in US, subscriber can be reached by a local call

¡ Limited Free Incoming while being called on UK Number

¡ Low Cost Incoming when called on US Number.

¡ Packs can be applied for Limited Free Incoming in Asia

— Pack for Limited Free Calling on Selected Outgoing Numbers

¡ Customer can select Numbers where he will not be charged for Calls made on that Number. (Limited Free Outgoing)

— Dedicated Dongle based Data Card.

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